Argyle Cardigan / Shirt / Bag / Shoes / Cocktail Ring  – J.Crew

Pants (last seen here) / Cami – Gap


Some days I wake up and dress for the outside weather, even though I probably won’t get outside all day.  This means I spend the day curled up by my space heater trying to stay warm.  Others, like today, I dress for my office and try to pretend like it’s not really 80 degrees outside.  I got this cardigan from the J.Crew final sale a few years ago and it’s one of my favorites – very warm and I love the orange.  I balanced the masculine feel of my outfit with a sparkly cocktail ring, purple satin peep toe pumps, and orange lipstick.

Oh, and that’s Shay on my finger nails (and Dannii on my toes).  I finally bought some Seche Vite last week after reading about it everywhere.  Verdict: meh.  It dried my nails insanely fast – they were literally completely dry in five minutes.  So it’s great for a crunch.  But my polish chipped immediately.  So it gets an A for speed and an F for staying power.  Went back to my Zoya Color Lock system this week, and we’ll see how it lasts!  I really like the shimmery gold in Dannii, a cute twist on purple.

Okay time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Blondie, Esq.


9 thoughts on “Menswear

  1. M.C. says:

    Dear Madame Esquire Blonde (the French version of your name, perhaps?)

    I just met your mom, Katherine tonight and my son thought she and her strapping beau were very hip – since they all love petting kittens waiting to be adopted. Well, your chic mom liked my lime green pointy shoes (ebay) and we hit it off. She mentioned your fabulous project online and I just had to have a peek. You are chic and eclectic, with just the right amount of sass. Have fun! It seems many are having fun along with you. I will check out your literary recommendations!

    M.C. (mother of two and on my own stylish path too!)

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