Sadly, no pictures today.   I didn’t snap any at work and when I got home, I immediately got into pajamas and all thoughts of blogging flew out the window.  But since I wrote this post anyway, and I’m remixing bits of past outfits, I thought I’d share.  Thus we have a “use your imagination” post.

Sweater / Jewelry – J.Crew (also seen here); Shoes – Guess (also seen here)

Jeans – Gap (also see here); Watch – Michael Kors

Nails – Zoya Pippa and Kieko with OPI Blasted

I wore one of my favorite sweaters yesterday.  Although it’s actually nice outside (first sunny day in two weeks?), it’s of course freezing in my office, so I have to dress accordingly.  Add a few pearls, some fireballs, pink shoes, and I’m good to go.

Also – momentous occasion – I wore my first “unassisted” (i.e., non-head-banded) ponytail!   I decided to grow my hair out for a bit and have been playing with wild waves while waiting for enough length to do a big girl pony tail.   It’s the return of lazy hair days!   Yessssss…

Oh and I covered my accidental Vikings/Lakers nails with OPI Blasted last night.  I love how it worked with the yellow, not so sure about the purple.  I’ll try to take a picture today so you can see.


Blondie, Esq.


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