Mixed Up

Skirt (seen here and here) / Cardigan / Blouse / Tights – J.Crew;

Shoes – Calvin Klein; Bag / iPhone case – Kate Spade;

Watch – Lacoste; Necklace – Tiffany (seen often!)

Sunnies – Marc by Marc Jacobs


I decided to mix it up today: prints, textures, metals, seasons, you name it.  It’s hot outside but cold in my office, so the tights and the wool skirt help keep me warm while the blouse and light cardigan help cool things off.  (The tights have back seams.  I’m obsessed, but can’t figure out how to take a picture of the backs of my legs without assistance.)  I love playing with different prints, although I tend to consider pinstripes as neutral.   And mixed metals are a no brainer.

This is my very first Kate Spade bag (I’ve always been a Coach / J.Crew girl) and I am madly in love.  It’s the perfect sunny yellow (I promise to take a better picture soon) and I got a great price (still on sale!).  I had to buy it, right?  Right??  Tell my husband, please.

Who makes your favorite bags?


Blondie, Esq.


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