Subtle Patriotism

Suit (similar pieces here and here) / Tights (also seen here) / Necklace – J.Crew

Blouse – ASOS

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman; Watch – Lacoste

On Friday, I traveled to San Francisco and back to attend meetings, and found a bit of inspiration from the Fourth of July. I love this blouse from Asos, but I have no idea how you would ever put it on if you lived alone – the back has buttons from top to bottom. My poor wardrobe assistant husband graciously woke up to button it for me in time for me to get to the airport by 5:45 am – he is the best!

And yes, I realize it was July 1st, but between the air conditioned planes and offices, and the brisk summer weather in the Bay Area, tights are a necessity. I’m obsessed with these tights from J.Crew, as I have said before. Polka dots and back seams? It’s like they were made for me. (Side note – it was actually a gorgeous day in San Francisco! I was still very glad to have my tights, though, because the conference room was freezing.) I apologize for the crooked seams in the pictures – this is what happens when you get dressed before 5:00 am…

It was love at first sight with these shoes – the perfect shade of red and beyond comfortable. They are also one of those pairs that men and women both notice. The ladies love them (still for sale, see above link!) and men always make some reference to the Wizard of Oz. Without fail. It cracks me up.

Husband took these shots for me after I got home on Friday night – and I think I’ll have to do a post on some of my makeup secrets because I credit these products for making me look unzombielike even after 3 hours of sleep and a 14 hour day.

Happy Independence Day!


Blondie, Esq.


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