KJP Obsession Continues

Sweater (similar here) / Shirt (similar here) / Pants (similar here) / Joley tortoise peep toes (seen here) – J.Crew; Watch – Lacoste; Bracelet – Kiel James Patrick; Necklace (that I realize you can’t see) – ASOS

Yesterday’s outfit.

A few things:

  1. I cannot believe this is my first list.  Who am I.
  2. I am seriously obsessed with Kiel James Patrick.  (See Exs. A and B.)
  3. I very much dislike when law students and/or pre-law students write overly formally in an attempt to… not sure why, actually.  If you know any of these types of people, you know what I mean.  It’s an interesting epidemic I’ve noticed since I attended paralegal school a few years ago.  It seems to take about two weeks of working as a lawyer for this to go away.  (For example, half of the partners at my firm don’t use capitalization and/or punctuation in emails, let alone formal tone and legalese.  This includes emails to clients, which frequently end with “thx.”)  My only exception to this rule is my obsession with all things Bluebook, which causes me to include citations in my blog posts and tweets.   I think of this as more nerdy than wannabe-pretentious-lawyer-talk.  But I could be wrong.
  4. I cannot wait for my Kiel James Patrick order to arrive!!
  5. It’s no wonder that J.Crew has sent me holiday presents for the last few years.  I should own shares of the company by now.
  6. I wonder if I have too many pink and green things, if such a thing is possible, and why I haven’t done pink and green nails yet!
  7. I wonder if I’m too old to be a fashion/style blogger (or wannabe-fashion-style-blogger).  What’s with all the kids today calling shirts “button ups?”  I’m either not cool, or too old for this stuff.
  8. I have a few pairs of shoes that attract attention every time I wear them, including these.  I love them too but they are only 3″ heels, which seems so short to me these days!
Okay, off to a meeting and then back home to So Cal!
Happy holiday weekend all!
Blondie, Esq.

2 thoughts on “KJP Obsession Continues

  1. The GSB says:

    Love the peep-toe shoes in this post (and the one below it)! Also love KJP (I can’t decide between the Babe Paley or the Audrey Hepburn headbands…maybe I will order both?), and I don’t think that it’s possible to have too much pink or green in one’s wardrobe (or any other color, for that matter…my closet looks like the cover of Sgt. Pepper!)

    I hear you on the legal rookies’ excessive use of formality/legalese (I’m still guilty of this!) but it definitely tends to dissipate a bit with time as we learn the ropes. When I first became a para a few years ago, I used to address my bosses in e-mails as “dear sirs” (albeit jokingly), and my letters to other attys sounded like they came from the IRS. I’ve since picked up on what tone is appropriate with whom and when, and I’ve adapted accordingly. It’s been an interesting learning process!

    And lastly, nobody’s too old to be a fashion blogger, especially given how fabulous your style is! 🙂

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