My Tiffany Blue Wedding Dress

Pardon the glamour shots/ high school prom pose.  Our wedding photographer came with the package (whole thing was less than $500 – my dad hearts me).  I bought this picture to give to my grandma, once she forgives me for getting married by Elvis instead of a catholic priest.  It’s been over a year so I think she should be about ready.

Dress / Bracelets (here and here) – J.Crew; Shoes – Cole Haan

I loved every part about our wedding (or our “un-wedding”) but especially my dress.  I was born without the bride gene: I never wanted a white dress, never wanted to be “given” away, never wanted to get married in a church, never wanted bridesmaids, etc.  Luckily I found the right guy, who agreed with all of those things (although he did wear white pants).  I tried on a few long dresses too, which just weren’t me.  The minute I opened the box from J.Crew and saw this dress I knew it was the one.  It’s got pockets and is the color of a Tiffany’s box.  How much more perfect does it get??  The best part?  I can (and have) worn it again.  I adore these shoes too, unbelievably comfortable and, of course, they are now 40% off!  I’m thinking about having them dyed so they are more wearable, but can’t decide on a color.

Any other non-traditional brides out there?


Blondie, Esq.


8 thoughts on “My Tiffany Blue Wedding Dress

  1. The GSB says:

    Lovely photo and such a pretty dress! I’m definitely not a traditional bride either, so I applaud your approach! My dress is white, but it’s an edgy feathery Tadashi (which is getting dyed a bright hue after the wedding so that I can wear it to fabulous events!) I am so not down with all the requisite wedding traditions (to put it mildly), but my fiance and I are appeasing our friends and relatives with a “laid back tradish” wedding. Oh yeah, I might wear blue suede shoes under that feathery dress 🙂

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