Friday Flowers

Jacket / Bag / Earrings – J.Crew; Jeans / Tee – Gap; Tank – American Eagle

Shoes – Enzo Angiolini; Scarf – Spun by Subtle Luxury; Watch – Lacoste


I love this scarf, found it on sale from Piperlime.  It’s 100% bamboo and super soft.  Perfect for a busy Friday in my freezing office.  I’m also growing out my hair a little for summer so I can hopefully have a real ponytail (i.e., unassisted by bobby pins and headbands).  I’m not quite there yet, so on Friday I turned a white ribbon from Tiffany’s into a headband.  Not half bad!  Of course I figured out how to make a cute little bow with it on Friday night, so stay tuned for round two.  Fashion recycling, I love it!

Both cats wanted to be a part of this blog post.  You can see Bailey peeking out behind me in the pictures above, and here are both of the furry little devils with my cute cork wedges from Enzo Angiolini.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Blondie, Esq.


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