Pink and Green


 Merino Shawl-Neck Sweater in Fresh Clover / Tank / Demi Fireball and Pearl Necklaces – J.Crew;

Wide-leg Trousers – Gap; Shoes – Aldo; Watch – Lacoste;

Bracelet – Kiel James Patrick; Nails – Zoya (Ali).

Despite one of my BarBri professor’s admonitions to the contrary, I adore pink and green.  I think it’s one of the more perfect color combinations, and one I wear frequently.  I recently ordered two bracelets from Kiel James Patrick (here’s the other one) and realized as I got dressed this morning that Linny’s Palms Hammock was the perfect accessory for my outfit!  I love the polka dots.  It’s really comfortable and I could get it on and off without my husband’s help (a big plus for both of us!).


The fabrics for KJP products are all locally purchased in New England, and you get to choose the color of your signature brass button.  Plus, my bracelets arrived less than a week after I ordered them – nearly instant gratification.   I can’t wait to check out more KJP products (especially the headbands).

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday!


Blondie, Esq.

PS – I apologize for the fuzzy pictures… my photographer was unavailable (he was cooking dinner, no complaints!), so iPhone and I had to do our best.


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