I had an Inn of Court meeting earlier tonight, and a department meeting during the day, so I wore a suit to work. As you can tell by my previous posts, my office is very casual. We really only wear suits to go to court, meet with clients, or attend lawyer-y events, like this one.

Dress / jacket / button down / bag / tights* – J.Crew; Shoes – Guess; Earrings – Banana Republic; Watch – La Coste; Sunnies – Marc by Marc Jacobs; Nails – Zoya (Jancyn).

I have a love-hate relationship with suits. Suits are easy and quick, but I also think they are hard to make fun and stylish without losing credibility. Litigation is still a bit of an old boys club. Prime example: I wore a gray suit with a jacket, trousers, a button down shirt, and a sweater to a lunch meeting with a bunch of older male lawyers and judges. I was literally covered head to toe, very conservative. But I also wore pink lipstick. And one of the older judges called me Marilyn Monroe. Seriously?

Any professional women out there go through the same dilemmas? How do you bring style to a suit?



Blondie, Esq.

Oh and I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Lucy didn’t make it in the pictures today, but when I got home, Bailey was cuddled up with my sunglasses.

*I wish I had a better picture. Love, love these tights from J.Crew! They have polka-dots and back seams. I’m always in air conditioning during the day and these tights are a life saver: sheer but an extra layer of warmth. I promise to take a better picture next time.


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