Out with the Old, in with the New

I bought these shoes a few months ago and instantly fell in love.

It was my first purchase through http://www.ebates.com (if you aren’t already signed up, seriously, what are you doing) and Endless.com (free next day shipping).  That’s a lot to be excited about already.  Then the shoes arrived.  So, so cute!  Four inch heels; bright, vibrant colors.  And they were less than $30.  I rarely buy two pairs of the same shoe, but at this price – I thought they were too good to be true!

Turns out, they were.  These are the first vegan shoes I’ve ever bought, and I will never buy anything but leather again.  I’m really not addicted to any one brand of shoes.  (Christian Louboutin being the obvious exception, but I only have one pair… and dream of many, many more.  Like these.  Sigh.)  I digress.  I’m not big into brands, I just like cute shoes.  But I am 100% snobby when it comes to material.  I do have and like fabric shoes, but if we’re talking about leather, then it’s go real or go home.  I learned a big lesson with these shoes.  Yes, they were cheap.  But after giving the yellow ones three tries, and packing the green ones full of these good things, I conceded defeat yesterday morning.  Husband graciously delivered a new pair of shoes to my office.  (He is amazingly sweet. but we also live five minutes away.)  The shoes have zero padding and zero stretch, so after about 15 minutes, my feet were smashed to oblivion.  I had enough.

Enter my new lovelies!!

Yellow: Pour La Victoire; Green: Butter.

Also courtsey of Endless and Ebates.  (I ordered them yesterday and they arrived this afternoon!!)  They just so happen to be about the same color as my first attempt, but I believe them to be much, much cuter!  (They were also much, much more expensive, but on sale and I got cash back, so it’s all good!  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  And my husband.)  I walked around in them both for a while and they feel great!  I can’t wait to wear them!

Stay tuned.


Blondie, Esq.

PS – Please ignore the Piperlime box in the background.  That’s a whole other story.  (I’ve been a very bad wife.  Working on holidays does it to a girl.)


Polite comments are always welcome. Thank you!

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