The Royal Wedding

Yes, I recorded and watched the “Royal Wedding Highlights” on BBCA. Don’t judge.

I loved Kate’s dress; she and Will looked so happy. I cannot even fathom having a wedding like that. (Obvs., judging from my wedding. Which I loved.) All those people. All the steps and formalities to remember. Then again, she wore an Alexander McQueen dress with a Cartier tiara. Worth it.

I have mixed feelings about the wedding. It cost the people of England millions of dollars… that’s in-con-ceivable. That would not fly in the states. Especially in this economy. Just imagine all the birth certificates Kate would have to produce. I mean, I understand it’s traditional, but maybe tone it down in light of the global climate? I wonder what people in England think. I haven’t done any research, and I’m sure there’s a poll or two about this, but is it an exciting event? Does royalty really mean something? Or is it an outdated tradition?

Politics aside, my favorite part of the ceremony was the choir’s transcendent Ubi Caritas et Amor. It gave me goose bumps, and husband didn’t even complain that it was “too choiry.” This speaks volumes. And that sweet solo at the end, what cojones! I would have loved to be there, just to listen.

Blondie, Esq.

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